Novella B. Hambartsumyan
Novella B. Hambartsumyan
Date of birth 26.05.1964

Born on May 26, 1964 in the village of Banadzor, Hadrout district

1971-1981 - Studied at Stepanakert Secondary School No 1

1981-1982 - Worker of the Stepanakert Winery factory

1982-1986 - studied at the financial and accounting faculty of the Yerevan Institute of National Economy and entered the Stepanakert branch of the Ryazan condenser plant.

March 1987 - February 1988 - Accountant-controller of the regional center for the payment of pensions and benefits

February - May1988 - Chief Accountant of the Regional Council

1988 - November 1992 - Chief Accountant of the regional department of social security

1994 - Leading specialist of the state administration for labor and social security of the NKR, then a specialist in the first class of accounting

1995 - April 1996 - Chief Inspector of the Administration, Head of the group for the provision of benefits

April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy to the second convocation of the Supreme Council of the NKR from the Hadrout constituency No 19, member of the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit, Budgetary Affairs and Economic Management

March 13, 1997 - Deputy Powers have been completed

April 1, 1997 – First-class specialist at the department for the registration of the unemployed, employment, job placement and labor market analysis of the Labor and Employment Ministry of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the NKR

1998 - Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Social Security of the NKR

1999-2003 - First Class Inspector of the Department of Health and Social Assistance of the Stepanakert City Hall

2003 - Chief specialist of the department

January 2006 - Civil servant, chief specialist of the department of social issues, health and nature protection, later deputy head of the department


Married, has one child.