Boris S. Arushanyan
Boris S. Arushanyan
Date of birth 25.11.1948

Born on November 25, 1948 in the village of Rev Askeran region

1966 – Finished secondary school No2. The same year entered the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute

1972 – Lighting engineer in Stepanakert Electro-technical plant, then - engineer-designer, site manager, chief of technical department and technical control department, chief engineer

1987 – Awarded a bronze medal for his invention at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow

1987-1990 – Director of the Stepanakert Electro-technical plant. In parallel with his work he graduated from the special economic department at the Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute.

February-March 1988 – Member of the “Krunk” Committee Executive Board

May, 1988 -December, 1990 - President of the Council of Directors of Stepanakert (temporary body during Karabakh Movement)

1989-1990 – Studied at the USSR Academy of National Economy and graduated from management courses in Italy

1990 – Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for the Implementation of Special Economic Programs of the Republic of Armenia

December 28, 1991 – Elected a People's Deputy of the NKR Supreme Council from the Stepanakert constituency No 8

1992-1995 - First Deputy Chairman of the NKR Council of Ministers

Since August - Member of the NKR State Defense Committee. At the same time he directed the works financed by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in Artsakh

1992-1993 – Headed the delegation of Artsakh at the negotiations in Rome within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group

January-April 1995– Reassigned Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for the Implementation of Special Economic Programs of the Republic of Armenia

April 30, 1995 – Elected deputy to the NKR Supreme Council of the second convocation from the Stepanakert constituency No. 9. He was a member of the commission on human rights and national minorities (later state and legal issues).

1996 – Elected first deputy chairman of the National Assembly. In September, the same year, resigned and nominated a candidate for the election of the NKR President.

1997 –Participated in the presidential election for the second time

January 1998 – Chairman of the NKR National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Relations

April 1999 – Established the "Armenakan" party of Artsakh and was elected its chairman

1994 – Corresponding Member of the Engineering Academy of RA

April 2000 – Acting Mayor of Stepanakert

November 2001 - Appointed the NKR Minister of Economic and Structural Reforms

December 2002 – Appointed the NKR Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy

Since February 14, 2004 – Chairman of the Council of the NKR Civil Service

Married, has four children

Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region Champion in volleyball

Awarded the Order "Mesrop Mashtots" (August 30, 2016), the Medal "Mkhitar Gosh" (01.09.2001), the Medal "Gratitude" (02.10.2014), "Anania Shirakatsi" (2006)