Gurgen V. Antonyan
Gurgen V. Antonyan
Date of birth 21.11.1961

Born on 21 November, 1961 in the village of Chaillou (Aygestan), Martakert region

1969-1979 – Studied in the secondary school of Chaillou

1979-1980 - Studied at the vocational school of the village of Nerkin Horatagh and received the specialty of a machine operator-tractor-driver

1980-1982 – served in the Soviet Army

1985-1990 – Graduated from the "General technical discipline and work" faculty and became a teacher

1990-1992 – Worked at the secondary school of the village Aygestan

1988-1992 – Headed the first underground volunteer detachment created in the village by him during the Artsakh liberation movement 

1992-1994 – Deputy Chief of Staff of the 4th Defense District (Martakert)

December 28, 1991 – Elected deputy to the NKR Supreme Council from Askeran constituency No. 47

1994-1995 - Chief of staff of the reformed 5th defense district

1995-1996 - Commander of the 5th defensive area

2000-2008 - Chairman of the Martakert Regional Organization of the Artsakh Union of Veterans

2000-2015 - Deputy commander of the 10th mountain-rifle division for the rare and communal maintenance service

Awarded: the Order of "Battle Cross" 2nd degree, the medal "For Military Merit" (RA), the medal "For Fair Service" of the 1st degree of the RA MoD (27.09.2012), the Medal "For Fair Service" of the 2nd degree RA Defense Ministry (22.04.2013), Medal "For Fair Service" of the 3rd degree of the RA MoD (31.08.2013), Medal "Admiral Isakov" of the RA Defense Ministry (16.04.2010), Medal "Drastamat Kanayan" of the Defense Ministry 25.04.2005), the commemorative medal "The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, 20 Years" of the Defense Ministry, the commemorative medal of Armenia "Yerkrapah Armenia" voluntary union (17.03.2007), the commemorative medal of the Veterans Council of the 5th Brigade, the "Maternal Gratitude" Medal 13.02.1998)