Zori H. Balayan
Zori H. Balayan
Date of birth 10.02.1935

Born on February 10, 1935 in the city of Stepanakert

1953-1957 - Served in the Baltic fleet

1963 - Graduated from the medical faculty of the Ryazan Medical Institute after P.Pavlov

1963-1973 - Worked as a doctor in Kamchatka

1967-1970 - Made a journey on a makeshift boat through the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with two friends

1971-1973 - Traveled to Kamchatka and Chukotka

1973-1975 - Worked in the Republican Dispensary of Physical Training (Yerevan)

1975 - Correspondent of the “Literaturnaya Gazeta” in Armenia

1987 - Co-chairman of the international environmental organization "Baikal Movement"

1988-1991 - One of the leaders and ideologists of the Artsakh national liberation movement

September 20-29, 1990 - Went on a hunger strike in a hotel room in Moscow

December 28, 1991 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the first convocation from Martouni electoral district No. 58

1989-1992 - Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

1992-1994 - Actively participated in the development of issues of military and political importance, periodically visited the hot spots of the front. He was the initiator and organizer of the humanitarian assistance provided by many countries to Artsakh

2004-2005 - Sailed on the sailboat "Kilikia"

2006 - Awarded the title of Hero of Artsakh

May 2009 - August 2011 - Made a voyage on the ship "Armenia"

Married, has three children

Laureate of the Nikolay Ostrovsky Prize, the USSR Union of Journalists

Laureate of the State Prize of Armenia, Union of Journalists of the USSR, All-Union Prize named after Nikolay Ostrovsky, Yeghishe Prize, Union of Journalists of Armenia "Golden Pen"

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Worker of Culture of Armenia, Honorary Citizen of the cities of Yerevan and Stepanakert

Author of many books

He was awarded the Orders "Golden Eagle" (01.09.2006), "Grigor Lousavorich" (01.09.2001), "Mesrop Mashtots" (15.03.2010), the medal "For Courage" (19.02.1998).