Murad A. Petrosyan
Murad A. Petrosyan
Date of birth 01.01.1948

Born on January 1, 1948 in the village of Shosh

1954-1964 - Studied in the Russian school №2 in Shushi

1965 - Entered the Yerevan Construction College

1967 - Detained on suspicion of stealing weapons

1968 - Convicted by the Supreme Court of the Armenian SSR to ten years imprisonment

1977-1988 - Engaged in propaganda of the rise of national self-consciousness

April 24, 1983 - For the first time in Artsakh organized a rally in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide

1985 - Arrested for organizing a rally dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

August 1988 - January 1990 - Authorized representative of the "Karabakh" Committee in Artsakh.

December 1988 - Detained by representatives of the USSR State Security Committee for attempting to transport weapons in Artsakh

April 1989 - After the liberation he was engaged in the organization of self-defense groups and their consolidation. Until March 1991 has been the coordinator of the united headquarters of the self-defense forces of Artsakh

August 1991 - Created the socio-political organization "People’s Front of Artsakh"

October 1991 - Appointed First Deputy Commander of the Artsakh self-defense forces on political issues

December 28, 1991 - Elected a deputy of the Supreme Council of the first convocation of the NKR from the Stepanakert constituency No 1

1992-1993 - Commandant of the NKR Defense Army

September1993 - Deputy Commander of the Defense Army on ideological and political issues

On April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy to the second convocation of the Supreme Council of the NKR from the Stepanakert constituency No 6

1996 - In the parliament, he created the "Fund for Assistance to the Families in Extreme Need", which had operated until 1999

1997 - Elected chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security

1999 - Chairman of the Armenian National Democratic Party

1998-2001 - Led the weekly column "Political Review" in the newspaper "Azat Artsakh"

July 2001 – Started publishing of the authoritative analytical newspaper "Chto delat?"(What Is To Be Done?)

March 4, 2005 - Created and headed the party "Moral Right"

November 2007 – Editor-in-chief of the republican newspaper Azat Artsakh

June 2008 - December 2018  - Representative of the NKR President on special assignments

Married, has two daughters

Awarded the order "Mesrop Mashtots" (August 30, 2014), medals "Mkhitar Gosh" (01.09.2006) and "For Courage" (19.02.1998)