Norayr E. Danielyan
Norayr E. Danielyan
Date of birth 01.08.1967

Born on August 1, 1967 in the village of Vardadzor, Martakert region

1984 - Finished the secondary school of village Nerqin Horitagh

1993 - Graduated from the Artsakh State University

1986-1988 - Served in the Soviet army

Participated in the Artsakh national liberation movement

1990 - Founded the village of Kajavan.

On December 4, 1990 he was arrested by the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan and sentenced to ten years in prison

April 10, 1992 – He was exchanged for several Azerbaijanis. After his release, he again took part in the war. He was seriously wounded.

1992 - Appointed commander of the Martakert defensive area

June 1993 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the first convocation from the electoral district No54 based on the results of the additional elections

Killed on October 18, 1993

Posthumously awarded the Order of "Battle Cross" 1st degree (July 25, 1994)