Samvel A. Babayan
Samvel A. Babayan
Date of birth 05.03.1965

Born on March 5, 1965 in the city of Stepanakert

1972-1982 - Studied secondary school No7 after E. Charents

1983-1985 – Served in the Soviet Army unit, located on the territory of the GDR

1988 - Participated in the Artsakh liberation struggle

1989-1991 - One of the underground commanders of the armed resistance, commanded the 2nd voluntary company of Stepanakert, was a member of the central underground headquarters, deputy commander of the self-defense units of the NKR

June 1991 - During the "Ring" operation, was arrested by the order of the USSR Military troops commander, with the pretext of violating the passport regime and was kept in prison in Baku for over 6 months

December 28, 1991 - Elected to the NKR Supreme Council of the first convocation from Stepanakert constituency No 25

August 1992 - April 1993 - First Deputy Chairman of the NKR Self-Defense Council

1992-1993 - Coordinated military operations of the defense forces of the NKR, participated in the development of the plan for the liberation Shushi

1992-1994 - Participated in the negotiations on the cessation of hostilities at the frontline, was a member of the NKR State Defense Committee

1992-1999 - Participated in international negotiations on the Karabakh conflict settlement of the March-August 1992. - Member of the Committee of Self-Defense at the Council of Ministers of the NKR, Deputy Commander of the Self-Defense Forces of the NKR

August, 1992 - April 1993 - First Deputy Chairman of the NKR Self-Defense Committee

April - November 1993 - acting chairman of the NKR self-defense committee

November 1993 - December 1999 - Commander of the NKR Defense Army

1995-1999 - First defense minister of the NKR

1995-1999 - Member of the Government and Security Council under the NKR President

September 20, 1996 - Awarded the military rank of Lieutenant-General

2004-2005 - Founded the informational and analytical public organization "Khachmeruk" (Yerevan)

2005 - Established the party "Dashink"

Has the title of Hero of Artsakh

Married, has three children

Awarded the Order of the NKR "Golden Eagle" (08.05.1997).