Sergey R. Chalyan
Sergey R. Chalyan
Date of birth 09.10.1966

Born on October 9, 1966  in the city of Gandzak (Kirovabad)

1987 - Graduated from the Tashkent Tactical Commandment Higher Military School

1987-1988 - Intelligence officer of the information processing group of the company of radio and electronic intelligence of the 6th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Soviet Military Forces in Germany

1988-1989 - Commander of the reconnaissance platoon of the 16th Guards Tank Regiment of the Soviet Military Forces in Germany

1989-1991 - Commander of the reconnaissance company 591 GMDG GS HS

December 28, 1991 - Elected deputy of the Supreme Council of the first convocation of the NKR from the electoral district of the village Verin Shen

1991 – Sent on a military mission to the ZakVO (Transcaucasian Military District)

1991 - Took part in the military operations in defending the NKR

November 1992 - Seriously wounded

1992-1993 - Senior officer of the 9th Department of the Defense Ministry

1993-1995 - Deputy Commander of the Special Forces of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Armenia, chief of staff

April, 1995 - May 1995 - Commander of the 6th Defense Area

1995-1999 - Seconded at the disposal of the NKR Defense Ministry

2000 - Entered the military academy of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces

2000-2002 - Deputy Chief of Intelligence of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia

2002-2009 - Chief of the General Staff of the organizational and mobilization department, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

2009 - RA Military Commissar

2005 - Professor of the Armenian branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

2003 - Obtained the rank of major general

2012 - Full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences
Married and has two children

Awarded the Order of the NKR "Battle Cross" of 1st degree (08.05.2002), the Order of the RA "Combat Cross" of  1st   and 2nd degrees, the Order St. Vardan Mamikonian, the medal "For Services to the Motherland" of the 2nd degree, the medals of the USSR " For Bravery "," For Military Merit "," Andranik Ozanyan" and" Marshal Baghramyan " medals of the Republic of Armenia" For Irreproachable Service "of I, II, III degrees.