Vagharshak B. Arushanyan
Vagharshak B. Arushanyan
Date of birth 06.04.1948

Born on April 6, 1948 in the village of Karintak, Shusha district

Finished secondary school in the village

1966 - Worked in the collective farm

1966-1968 - He served in the Soviet army. After the service he worked as a driver in his native village

1984 - Head of the storehouse of the state farm of the village

February 1988 - Active participant in the Artsakh Liberation Movement. Created and headed the detachment of self-defense. He made efforts to release arrested fellow villagers

Since 1989 - Member of the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun"

December 28, 1991 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the first convocation from electoral district No. 74 of the village of Karintak

January 26, 1992 - Died in the defense of the village of Karintak

Has four children

Posthumously awarded the Orders "Combat Cross" 1st degree (25.01.1995) and 2nd degree (24.01.2000).