Emil S. Abrahamyan
Emil S. Abrahamyan
Date of birth 27.11.2017

Born on April 22, 1956 in the village of Hadrout of Nagorno-Karabakh

1963-1973 - Studied in the Hadrout secondary school

1973 - Entered the faculty of industrial and civil construction of the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute

1978 - Served in the Soviet army

1983-1987 - Participated in art exhibitions in Stepanakert, Goris and Yerevan

1988-1994 - Active participant in the Artsakh national liberation struggle, initiator of the creation of self-defensive detachments of the Hadrout district

1990 - Elected member of the National Council

1990-2002 - Member of the ARF “Dashnaktsutyun”

1988 - Member of the charitable public organization "Shen"

2005 - Member of the Board of the organization

December 28, 1991 – Elected deputy to the NKR Supreme Council of the first convocation from the Hadrout constituency No. 34. He was a member of the Standing Committee on Defense and Security

Interested in painting

Since 2001 – Living and working in Yerevan

Married, has a son

Awarded the "Gratitude" Medal (19.02.2004)