Gurgen S. Nersisyan
Gurgen S. Nersisyan
Date of birth 22.04.1960

Born on April 22, 1960 in the city of Stepanakert

1966-1974 - Studied in the Stepanakert Secondary School No7 after E.Charents

1974-1978 - Studied in the department of mechanization of the Stepanakert Agricultural Technical College, specializing in mechanical engineering

1990-1995 - Studied at the Faculty of Philology of Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute (Artsakh State University).

1979-1980 - Engineer of the Stepanakert CLSC "Vodokanal"

1980-1981 - Engineer for technical safety of the Stepanakert special mobile mechanized column

1982-1983 - Chairman Stepanakert organization of auto-motorists fan

1983 - Mechanical Engineer in the Stepanakert Works of Consumer Services

1985 - Head of the house business of the Stepanakert No2 Combine Consumer Services

1988 - Took an active part in the Artsakh national liberation movement

1989 - Deputy General Director of the main association Stepanakert consumer service

1991 – Commander of the Stepanakert 6th squad. Participated in the liberation of Krkzhan, Malibeklu, Khojalu, Shushi and Lachin

1992 - Appointed Director General of the plant

1993 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the 1st convocation as a result of additional elections from the constituency No 54 of the village of Vank

1995-1997 - Minister of Industry of the NKR

February 1997 - General Director of state enterprise "Artsakhtrans"

1998 - April 2000 - Deputy Mayor of Stepanakert

2000-2002 - Chairman of LLC "Lusabats"

2002 - Advisor to the Prefect of the Yerevan Administrative District Kanaker-Zeytun

January 2003 -2008 - Deputy Head of the Department of CJSC "Armenian Railway"

2008-2011 - First deputy of the Head of the Material and Technical management of the "South Caucasus Railway" CJSC, established on the basis of "Armenian Railway" CJSC

2013 - Director of the technical part of the republican medical center "Armenia"

Head of the political bureau of the party "Country of Apricot"

Awarded medals for the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi and the " Mother's Covenant "