The Parliament Held Regular Plenary Sitting
11 May 2017

On May 11, the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh held regular plenary sitting.

Opening the sitting, the NA President Ashot Ghoulyan congratulated the attendees, the Armenian people and their friends on the May triple holidays.

Then, the President of the Parliament mentioned that the National Assembly launched a new process aimed at bringing the current legislation into compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh adopted by the February 20th referendum.

Proceeding to the legislative work, the Parliament discussed and adopted on first reading the Artsakh Republic Law on “Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly”.  In substantiation, the co-authors noted that the rules of procedure of the Parliament are brought into line with the functions and powers assigned to the Parliament by the new Constitution. Accordingly, the structure of the “Rules of Procedure” is changed; the chapters are merged into nine sections.

After discussion, the co-authors – in accordance with the prescribed procedure – suggested the deputies to submit proposals within 14 days and, if desired, to join the co-authors and subsequently participate in the finalization of the draft.

At the second part of the sitting, the Chairman of the Control Chamber, Ernest Avanesyan, presented the Annual Report on the Activities of the Control Chamber for 2016.

The Deputy Chairman of the Central Referendum Commission of the Republic of Artsakh Yeghishe Arzumanyan presented the Report on the Organization and Holding of a Referendum on the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh held on February 20, 2017.

The sitting ended with the deputy statements made by Hayk Khanumyan and Armen Sargsyan.