Vilen S.Safaryan
Vilen S.Safaryan
Electoral system, district Majority, 5
Date of birth 11.01.1959
Faction "Movement-88"

Born on January 11, 1959 in the town of Karmir Shuka, Martuni region, Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast.

1966-1976 - studied in the local secondary school.

1976-1981 - studied in the Faculty of Geography of Yerevan State University.

1981-1989 - Engineer in the Armenian State Institute of Engineering and Geodesic Surveys

1985-1989 - Head of Vanadzor expedition

1989 moved to NKR with family and started working as a sector supervisor in the "Armengproject" institute.

1990 joined the Dashushen squad of the NK Self-Defense Forces.

1992 - Squad commander

1992 - Commander of the 1st battalion of Askeran Defense Region of the NKR Defense Army

1994 - Head of the Operations Department of the same Defense Region

1996 – Head of the Operations Department of the 10th Mountain-rifle Division

1998 – Head of the Military Topography Service of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army

2009 - Demobilized from the Defense Army

2009 - Executive Director of the "Center for Geodesy, Cartography, Land Management and Valuation of Real Estate" SNCO under the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadaster adjunct to the NKR Government

2015 – Senior lecturer in Artsakh State University

February 20, 2017 in the by-elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh was elected as an MP from the 5th electoral district

Member of the parliamentary faction “Movement 88”

Holds a PhD degree in Geography

Author of 24 academic articles and co-author of 1 book and the NKR Atlas

Married, with three daughters

Awarded with the order of "Battle Cross", 1st degree (08.05.2002), "Battle Cross" 2nd degree (31.08.1994), "Gratitude" medal (01.10.2009), medal  "For Liberation of Shoushi" (07.05.2001).