NA President's Welcoming Speech at the Reception Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the NKR First Parliamentary Elections
28 December 2016

Mr. President of the Artsakh Republic,
Your Eminence,
Dear Prime Minister,
Dear Colleagues of the Parliaments of all Convocations,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

25 years ago on this day, December 28, 1991, the first parliamentary elections were held in Artsakh. Creating a higher government body - the Supreme Council - was a logical continuation of the proclamation of the Republic in September and the referendum on the NKR State Independence in December. It actually laid the beginning of the culture of forming government through national elections.

Since independence six parliamentary elections have been held in the country, and representatives of the legislative bodies of all six convocations are present at our current reception. Each of these parliaments, no matter what it was called - the Supreme Council, the Parliament, the National Assembly- carried out characteristic of the historical period and the required legislative, political and representational work. It is thanks to these collective efforts that we ensure the vitality of the country's legal framework, institutional relations with the parliaments of other countries. Among other achievements, it should be happily noted that the country has expanded the geography of inter-parliamentary cooperation in recent years.

Dear friends,

The level of political representation and pluralism, which we have achieved over the whole period of existence of the parliament, allows declaring with confidence that the development of democracy in Artsakh is on the right track. Of course, this inestimable value in the history of independent and sovereign statehood of Artsakh is one of the major achievements that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has made in the state-formation process, further development and deepening of parliamentary traditions.

Along with all this, we can proudly say that having different political ideas, and being representatives of various political parties,  members of the parliaments of all convocations guided higher imperatives of security of Artsakh and the welfare of its population. It is a belief, which prevails in our vision for the future.