Ashot Ghoulyan Received the Novelist Narine Abgaryan
08 November 2016

November 8, President of the NKR National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan received the novelist Narine Abgaryan and people accompanying her.

Note that at the November 2 ceremony of the literary prize "Yasnaya Polyana" in Moscow, the jury found the book of Narine Abgaryan "From the Sky Fell Three Apples" best in the category "XXI Century".

Welcoming the guests, the Head of the parliament congratulated the author with the victory and underlined the importance of the work done aboard.

"It is very important that people abroad know about the Armenian reality also from fiction books. I want to emphasize your peculiar style of writing that allows contemporary human being who does not have time to read long texts, read a book from beginning to the end", said Ashot Ghoulyan.

Expressing gratitude for the reception, Narine Abgaryan noted that she has arrived in Artsakh in order to collect new material and she has already started working on a story about the April war.

 “For the continuity of my works I come to Artsakh, where I get energy and inspiration”, admitted writer.

During the meeting issues related to the dissemination and promotion of the books by Narine Abgaryan in the motherland and in the areas densely populated by Armenians were discussed.

The meeting was also attended by the NKR Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs Narine Aghabalyan.