Joint Meeting of the NKR and RA National Assemblies' Standing Committees on Defense and Security
06 November 2016

November 6, a joint meeting of the Standing Committee of the Parliament of Artsakh on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement and the Standing Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs, was held in the small hall of the National Assembly of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, which was attended by the President and deputy head of the NKR National Assembly.

During the meeting, the chairmen of the standing committees Zhanna Galstyan and Koryun Nahapetyan summed up the work carried out in the framework of the visit the of the RA NA Standing Committee members from 4th to 6th of November.

Note that within the framework of the visit, members of committees of the two parliaments have visited a number of military units, military positions and held meetings with the leaders of district administrations and the NKR Minister of Defense.

Touching upon the parliamentary cooperation, Koryun Nahapetyan stressed the operational need to discuss certain issues. 

"It is very important that we could organize an exchange of views in time, to form opinions and to make relevant initiatives, including the ones in the legislative field. There are also unsolved problems requiring resolution, and the role of parliamentarians is great in this case”.

Expressing satisfaction with the cooperation between the two committees, the President of the National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan called it a model for inter-parliamentary cooperation.

"On behalf of the two parliaments I express a willingness to constantly contribute to such initiatives and to do everything possible to ensure that they have given practical results", said President of the NKR National Assembly.

During the meeting, members discussed the future plans of the two committees and outlined a number of areas.

The meeting was attended by the newly appointed NKR Security Council Secretary Vitaly Balasanyan.