Report on the Operational Activities of the Government Discussed at the Parliament
08 July 2016

July 8, the report on the operational activities of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Government headquarters was presented in the small hall of the National Assembly meeting chaired by Head of the Parliament Ashot Ghoulyan.

The report at the National Assembly was presented by the head of the operational headquarters,, Prime Minister, Araik Haroutyunyan.

According to the Head of the government, all the non-monetary assets received were inventoried in government warehouses; distribution of food products was coordinated through the Fund of Assistance to village and agriculture, and financial aid - through the Artsakh Investment Fund.

According to the report, over 100 new vehicles have been provided to the Ministry of Defense, rescue service, ambulance stations, systems of public administration (mainly regional ones).

Money transfer amounted to 4 billion 562 million 175 thousand drams. As of July 1, about 50% of the amount received was spent, of which the amount has been allocated to carry out engineering works and compensation to citizens, called up for military service.

According to the minister, the report will also be presented to representatives of the social and political circles and the media.

During the meeting relevant reports were made by the Minister-Chief of Staff Levon Grigoryan government and minister of municipal engineering Karen Shahramanyan.

Then there was an exchange of views, during which MPs have submitted to the head of the operational staff proposals and asked questions relating to civil defense regulations governing emergency situations, attention to the needs of evacuees and others.

A more detailed report of the operational headquarters will recently be submitted to the government press office

Recall that in the beginning of April to respond to Azerbaijan's aggression against NKR operational headquarters was established at the government, which coordinated monetary, financial and other assistance to Artsakh coming from different countries of the world.