Concept of the Constitutional Reforms will be submitted by August 1
01 July 2016

The comment of the Chair of the Specialized Commission on constitutional reforms, Head of the Parliament, Ashot Ghoulyan on the prolongation of the deadline of the concept presentation.

Did the April war influence the debates around constitutional reforms?

Certain obstacles in the activities of the specialized commission on constitutional reform have arisen in the first phase. Because of the April war the work that needed to be done towards the development of the concept of constitutional reforms had to be postponed. That is why the commission asked the President to prolong the deadline of the concept presentation for two months. Starting from May when the situation became comparatively quiet, to solve the problem the specialized commission held work and discussions in several stages.

During the discussions it became clear that there are different positions on the basic principles of the concept of constitutional reforms and two months are not enough for such a responsible task. It concerns the choice of model of governance, in which the discussions are ongoing and, at this point I can tell that it outlines the basis of the agreement required for the concept.

We've reached a point when we shall sum up what we have. But for this it is necessary to clarify once again the dominant opinions and approaches with the main actors in our political and social life that are available in the model of governance.

What are the options provided for the completion of work on schedule that you see?

A special commission has considered it appropriate to apply to the President of the Republic with a request to extend the deadline for submission of concept for another month. June 29 by the decree of the President the deadline was extended to August 1.

Given the fact that the specialized committee in its work is guided by the established order of activity, referring to this document let me remind that in addition to the submission of proposals and motions regarding the concept of constitutional reforms, the specialized commission holds public discussions on the project, then the project is presented to the President.

Once again I must note that the new extension of deadline is caused by the need to summing up the work already done and organize the public debates around that.