Welcome Address by the NKR National Assembly Chairman Ashot Ghoulyan at the First Session of the Youth Parliament of 2nd Convocation
24 June 2016

Dear colleagues, parliamentarians and members of the government, the Second Convocation honorable members and guests, ladies and gentlemen.

It is not every day that we convene the first meeting or session in the Big Hall of the Parliament of Artsakh, so one can imagine the excitement and responsibility that has affected the youth parliamentarians who have been awarded the honorable title.

I cannot hide that for me and for the people working on the implementation of this project, this is also a special day.

We finally summed up a few months’ preparations. As a result, today in Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, under the roof of the legislature, we met to record a new stage in our public life - the first session of the Youth Parliament of the second convocation adjacent to the NKR National Assembly sixth convocation starts its work.

Let me introduce the invitees of todays’ event

  • Parliamentarians of the NKR National Assembly of the sixth convocation, the Deputy Head of the parliament, faction leaders, the representative of the President of Artsakh in the NA, as well as members of the government, Ministers of Education, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Deputy Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs participate at the first session of the new convocation.  
  • Rectors of Artsakh State University and other state registered high educational institutions and the journalists accredited in the National Assembly

Shortly before, I noted the existence fact of the youth parliament of the second convocation. Many of you, I am sure, are aware that such a structure was set up adjacent to the previous convocation of the National Assembly. It has functioned for several months and terminated together with the 5th convocation of the National Assembly. True, in terms of time, the previous Youth Parliament did not manage to express itself. However, I am sure it will be able to implement the main ideas of this Parliament, as a basis for the creation of the new youth structure. It is encouraging that the Youth Parliament includes also members of the previous one.

The name of Youth Parliament itself is binding. It is the youth social union, whose members are responsible not only for themselves. By the idea of forming such a structure, we must first put the one to create a school of leadership, which must have a unique role to play in wide circles of youth, contributing to the increase of political responsibility and legal consciousness of pluralism, cultural inculcation of the debates.

Today at the stage of its formation our young state, which chose democratic way, more than ever needs the support of the citizens conscientious and dedicated to the cause of nation-building, especially the younger generation. Tomorrow's picture of the state and society is due to the level of perception of national and democratic values by this generation.

I am sure that it is unnecessary to even explain to our young colleagues, the MPs who earned the title, the geographical position and political status of our country suggest constant vigilance and preparedness not only to protect the country's borders, which is very important, but also the dignity of our people's rights and interests and both within the country and abroad.

We are more than ever in need of young and dedicated professionals, patriots with creative thinking, knowledge of languages and technologies. On behalf of all not very young people who are present in the hall, I would like to admit to you that we associate big expectations with your generation.